Activities linked to design, manufacture, installation and operation of hybrid energy solutions really got off the ground with the R&D INTELEC Programme in 2014. This programme made it possible to develop a smart management solution for energy production and consumption.
In 2017, a DEMOSTENE Demonstrator was carried out in Morocco (100kWh of lithium batteries) to supply the GEP Technological Platform of Morocco’s Institute of Research into Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) in Ben Guerir (OCP Group Green City) from a PV plant producing 240kWc; the project was financed by the Treasury Board of the French State with strong involvement from IRESEN.
By the end of 2017, Solvéo Energie’s hybrid activity represented more than 3.5MW of power being financed or in the course of being constructed.


The Development activity of solar plants or wind farms was begun in 2011.

In this type of service, in line with local legislative and regulatory framework, as well as the requirements of funding partners and long-term investors, Solvéo Energie carries out :

  • Site identification
  • Securing land
  • Validating possible integration of the plant in the local power grid
  • Resources study
  • Generally speaking, design
  • Obtaining all authorisations
  • Obtaining rates
  • Legal structuring of the project (important for BOT projects)
  • Financial structuring
Example of 40MW developed in West Africa


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