Wind Energy


Combined with technical progress, this free and endless source of energy today makes it possible to produce -locally and in large quantities- an increasingly large percentage of the electricity required for our daily use.

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A wind farm project is a tool for developing territories via tax bonuses with the contribution of local and regional enterprises throughout all stages of the project, from development to operation. Wind farming boosts investment and creates jobs.
Economic bonuses : Territorial Economic Contribution, Real Estate Contributions, land rental 
Heritage : From road maintenance to preserving rural habitat
Image : Wind energy is both ecological, since it uses a clean source of energy, and rewarding, through its use of innovative technology
Tourism : A wind farm can be the starting point for a more comprehensive territorial project with a cultural, educational, tourist or economic purpose
Intermunicipal relations 
Environment : The territory takes part in meeting France’s international commitments by helping reduce CO2 emissions, while being sensitive to the local environment. In addition to applying the Kyoto protocol, the French State is carrying out incentive actions for developing renewable energies, in particular within the scope of COP 21.


expertise 1

Expertise and know-how implemented with application to foster successful conditions
expertise 2

Commitment to regular communication on project progress, so that local elected representatives can answer constituents’ questions relevantly
expertise 3

Controlling all phases of project life - identifying new, high-potential sites, designing, developing, financing, constructing and operating all aspects of wind farms
expertise 4

The expertise of men and women of proven conviction where developing wind projects is concerned

  • A project begins by diagnosing possible wind turbine sites to take into account constraints of a regulatory & technical, landscape, human and environmental nature.
  • We then contact local elected representatives, land owners, farmers and local administrative bodies.
  • The next step is to carry out studies of impacts on the environment, landscape and nature, as well as noise impact, in order to develop the area in question from a sustainable point of view.
  • In order to optimize requests for environmental authorisation at County level, we call in specialist design offices and independent organisations.
  • These studies are carried out in close collaboration with the investigation departments in charge at state level (DREAL, DDT, ABF, DGAC, etc.).
  • SOLVÉO ENERGIE’s team guarantees a close working relationship from the word go, from exploratory studies to the end of operation, with meetings, exchanges and a public information hotline, among others.


After a fixed operational period of between 25 to 30 years, dismantling the wind turbines and rehabilitating the site will be carried out with previously-established rules and good practices laid down by legislation in order to limit environmental and landscape impact. Components will be recycled and the site rehabilitated.


point fort 1

A clean, abundant and limitless energy resource
point fort 2

Energy production that is free of greenhouse gas emission and pollution
point fort 3

Wind energy is consumed locally
point fort 4

Uses little farming land while preserving the environment
point fort 5

Installing a wind farm produces economic benefits for municipalities and land owners and creates local jobs
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A wind farm of 3MW produces approximately 6,900 MWh, representing average consumption for 1,500 households (including electric heating)

Within the scope of its commitments to combat climate change, France decided at the outset of the millennium to develop the use of this source of free and renewable energy, with a road map and objectives earmarking an increasing percentage of solar in its energy mix.

Although onshore wind parks have had a capacity of 10,000MW since 2015, they will have to reach at least 19,000MW by 2020 to meet one of the prime objectives fixed by France, which has the second-largest wind energy resource base in Europe.


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